Venue Rentals

Our building space is available for rent and we have hosted many choral groups (rehearsals/performance), music performances of all sorts, theatre (rehearsal space and performance), meetings (condo boards, workshops, etc), dance and drawing classes , yoga and social events. The main floor is accessible (via ramp on north-west corner of building) and there are accessible washrooms on the main floor. A bit about why people like CFRUC…

Our Spaces

We have various spaces which may be suitable to your needs. CFRUC is a multi-use community space and it is important to consider all your needs. At any given time, there may be other users in the building. For example, do you need the sanctuary and also a green room? Our Events Coordinator will be happy to book what you need once you identify your full scope.


This space seats almost 800, yet has an intimate feel. Often named as one of Winnipeg’s acoustical gems, the sanctuary was designed for the human voice, and has hosted a wide range of individual performers to large choirs and choral groups.  The excellent sound qualities make it a prime location for professional recording.

Upper Hall

A large, open space, with upright piano and small stage, tables and chairs available for banquet or café-style seating. Functioning kitchen (stove, fridge, coffee and tea urns, etc). This space is great for large meetings, parties (shower, anniversary, birthday, etc), or workshops. Access is by stairs.

Fellowship Hall

Mid-sized, bright, open space with kitchenette (fridge, coffee and tea urns), tables and chairs available, great for meetings, parties (shower, anniversary, birthday, etc.) or workshops. Accessible.

Meeting Room

A private space, board room style, groups of 15 or less, access by stairs.


Under our sanctuary, a large gymnasium which is a great space for dance, drawing, tai chi, or yoga. Access by stairs.

Venue Rental Form

If you would like to inquire about a rental, please fill out the attached form and we will be in touch within 48 hours of your inquiry or less.